• Axiome

    Axiome is a site-specific experience in which the player use augmented reality to learn more about a seemingly peaceful family. In an room specifically furnished for the installation, see things as they are, behind apparences. First year master project made in 3 months with Clément Rondeau, Tristan Pradens, Clémentine Soulard--Pignon and Guillaume Voisinet. Author of the original pitch, I took care of artistic direction and animation as well as scenography and props making.

  • Mind Wanders

    Mind Wanders is a multimedia (app, trailer, VR experience) sensitization campaign that aims to raise awareness about early manifestation of Alzheimer's disease. As opposed to other campaigns that usually negatively depict the illness, I focused on a sensitive and poetic approach, illustrating anecdotes told by close family of Alzheimer's patients I met for this project.

    Diploma project, écal/2016
  • Aled Lewis

    Webdesign and coding of a website. Fictional project.

  • Kaïros

    Bachelor thesis on how to accept failure when everything has to be perfect. écal/2016
  • Lost Flight

    Small narrative application about the mystery of the disappearance of the MH370 flight, from two imaginary point of views : one passenger and the pilots.

    Project made in collaboration with Inès Jaibi and Pierre Georges.