• Bern: (re)collections

    Stylised map of the old city of Bern entirely done by hand in linocut (A2 size). Medieval inspired, the map is used as a poster and a way to find collectibles in order to promote the city.

  • La Serre

    A photographic edition about the routine ritual, in which we wanted to put in evidence the potential absurdity of it. The text that you can see on the colored paper is a guide to make an orchid sprout. In association with Marie Disle and Imara Paterno Castello.

    28 pages | 30,5×44,5 cm | écal/2013
  • Miss King

    Photographic book about the house of my grandmother. The last part of the book is devoted to the written correspondence I have with her.

    120 pages | 20,4×27,2 cm | écal/2014
  • Confinement

    Three issues of a magazine about the different ways of being imprisoned (physically, in our mind, our body, socially,...). Each issue is about one specific topic.

    Trois numéros d'un magazine à propos de l'enfermement (que ce soit de manière physique, dans notre esprit, dans notre corps, dans la société,...). Chaque numéro traite d'un sujet en particulier, à travers un portfolio et un dossier.

    The works shown are from Diane Meyer and Michael Wolf. écal/2015
  • Rencontres du premier type

    Collection of ten chapters from ten different novels. Each chapter narrates an encounter between two or more characters. I wanted to represent these meetings emphasizing some sentences, certain names and insist by stopping the narration at the moment of the encounter (recognizable by a thumbnail).

    182 pages | 11×18,5 cm | écal/2014
  • Ici, c’est Edra

    Ici, c'est Edra is a photography book about a twelve-year-old boy with Asperger syndrome; we evoke his love for architecture, his environment, Edra ― his imaginary city and his frustrations. Project in collaboration with Marine Vallotton.

    58 pages | 2 papers | 18,7×26,3 cm | écal/2015